Garden Roof Farmacy Faculty UGM

Providing a more comfortable zone and environmental health is one of the needs of the pharmaceutical faculty of UGM that must be met in order to facilitate the academic community in their daily activities

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Conference Room Fakultas Farmasi UGM

Pharmacy Faculty UGM needs to be a courtroom is very urgent to be held soon in view of the routine activities of students who need support facility with adequate space and harmony

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An Najah Mosque

The mosque is built to meet the need for a place of worship for Muslims in Jetak Bantul Yogyakarta by taking the concept of Nabawi Mosque in Medina al Mukaromah

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PPID Farmacy Faculty UGM

The area is friendly and familiar environment is required in the pharmaceutical faculty of UGM, so the thinking and design to seek solutions to the problems it is necessary

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Interior Plaza KPFT UGM

We cooperate with sugar compenies group to provide support in the interior of the facility kpft UGM engineering faculty in order to provide complete support facilities for students to beinteraksi

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