Biomedika FKG UGM


The availability of good raw water sources and the need for clean water in UGM are the two things are interrelated. SPAM design concept is based on the campus of thinking about how water can be distributed with both...

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Interior Sinarmas Tower UGM

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  • April 24, 2015
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The need for adequate interior indispensable in supporting the activities of the lecture students of the Faculty of Biology University of Gadjah Mada, including in support of research activities required adequate laboratory facilities. It underlies the basic foundation in...

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GSG Habiburrahman Bandung

The need for a multipurpose building in the grand mosque Habiburrahman duo is necessary given this mosque is the largest mosque in Bandung making it one of the centers of Muslim worship in Bandung

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BNI UGM Foodpark

The need healthy food to the academic community at the University of Gadjah Mada in particular is very important to support the achievement, on the basis of the idea that this project with the hope we can contribute greatly...

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Jogingtrack Engineering Faculty UGM

We cooperate with PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk. (Persero) to realize the ideas together to build jogingtrack in the Faculty of Engineering in the hope that the academic community, especially in the engineering faculty can work out whenever they...

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Landscape SMKN 2 Purworejo

The students in the SMKN 2 Purworejo need a decent open and comfortable for interacting with each other and discussed as part of the learning process that occurs in SMKN 2 Purworejo

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Technopark UGM

Structuring a nice landscape and vegetation setting in harmony with the environment is a key to sustainable ecosystem. This concept was initiated in the development of open green space in the faculty of engineering UGM

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Garden Roof Farmacy Faculty UGM

Providing a more comfortable zone and environmental health is one of the needs of the pharmaceutical faculty of UGM that must be met in order to facilitate the academic community in their daily activities

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